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Software Engineer (Data)

Software Engineer (Data)

Avionics - Software Development

About SpaceX
We seek to accelerate the course of human history by developing the technologies necessary for multi-planetary civilization.

We build rockets and spacecraft from the ground up, utilizing much of our own electronics, software, vehicle structures, and engine systems. The Falcon launch vehicle and Dragon spacecraft are among the most ambitious engineering systems in the world. Dragon holds the distinction of being the first commercially developed spacecraft to have achieved orbit, rendezvous with the International Space Station, and a safe return to Earth. SpaceX is advancing the state of the art in a field previously dominated by nation states.

Our next developments include a heavy lift launch vehicle, human transportation, and a reusable launch system that will drastically reduce the cost of access to space.
Software Engineer (Data)
As a member of the Borg team, you will:

  • Work at all levels of the stack to build systems that manage large volumes of mission-critical data generated by SpaceX simulation, test and flight systems, along with the tools we use to analyze these datasets.
  • Engage with other SpaceX engineers to discover their needs and code highly reliable software that revolutionizes the way data is stored, retrieved and manipulated.
  • Own the complete life cycle of the software you create, from design, development, and testing to operation during a mission.

Working at SpaceX, you will hold a large degree of personal responsibility, work on awesome stuff and every day be completely baffled as to how you ever worked anywhere else.
About the Borg Team
The Borg team designs and codes parallelized algorithms for manipulating and analyzing numeric time series data, builds web interfaces and APIs for dozens of clients and hundreds of users, and automates the process of data analysis, with the ultimate goal of developing an expert system to enable SpaceX's objectives for rapid vehicle reusability and increased reliability.

Borg is part of the Flight Software team, an organizationally flat group of a few dozen software engineers. Although we work on and support critical systems, you wouldn’t know it from observing our office. When it comes to the code we are unrelentingly meticulous and thorough, but when it comes to people we are big on open communication, flexible hours and a casual work environment.

When considering you as a candidate, we won’t be focused on specific experience, skills or keywords. We will be looking for evidence that you’re smart, adaptable and exceptionally productive. You will show us that you’re an accomplished programmer, capable of working in many problem domains, and that you can ship products. You’re the engineer that other engineers can count on—you’re highly technical, you attack every problem with enthusiasm, and you share the team’s passionate dedication to the mission. We do require an undergraduate degree in engineering or at least four years of professional experience in software engineering.

At SpaceX, the problem domain is full of exciting challenges, and “launching” the product will be like no other product launch you’ve ever experienced!

Note for new or recent graduates: If you’re a new or recent graduate, show us you have some experience outside of your academic course work. Personal projects (web apps, mobile apps, electronics, etc.), or club projects (robotics clubs, programming clubs, etc.) are a strong indicator that you have an appetite to improve yourself as a professional engineer. This will go a long way with your application.

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