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Private Crew Program

Enabling regular and safe human transportation into space is one of the founding goals of SpaceX.  To this end, SpaceX is a leading participant in NASA's Commercial Crew program to develop the technologies and systems necessary for human carriage to the International Space Station.  Meeting this national priority for an American human space transportation capability is paramount for SpaceX and we are very focused on this for our NASA customer.

However, SpaceX can also offer crew transportation services to commercial customers seeking to transport astronauts to alternate LEO destinations.  This is a turn-key program that will encompass several elements as a service, and will be tailored to customer-specific needs and objectives:

  • Training of crew for a variety of missions including nominal, contingency and emergency scenarios
  • Development of custom programs
  • Mission design
  • Mission simulations
  • Mission support during all phases
  • Transport of astronauts to designated orbital destinations
  • On-orbit science and educational payload support
  • Logistics support
  • Post de-orbit support
  • Public affairs and educational outreach support
  • Documentation of all phases of mission to support customer

This service relies upon the Falcon family of launch vehicles and the Dragon spacecraft.  The crew-capable Dragon is a derivative of the cargo Dragon, which has successfully flown to the International Space Station on multiple missions and returned safely to Earth.  This program provides a means of open access to space to a global market.  

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