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Eutelsat/ABS Mission in Photos

On June 15, 2016, Falcon 9 successfully delivered two commercial communications satellites, Eutelsat 117 West B and ABS-2A, to their targeted Geosynchronous Transfer Orbits (GTO). The two satellites, operated by Eutelsat and ABS respectively, will provide global communication services to a variety of users.

Below is a summary of the mission in photos, with more photos available on our Flickr site. You can also watch the archived webcast here, and find more information about the mission in our press kit.

Liftoff of the Falcon 9 carrying the Eutelsat 117 West B and ABS-2A satellites to Geostationary Transfer Orbit (GTO).

Nine Merlin engines power the Falcon 9 first stage, reaching up to 1.8M lbs of thrust in the vacuum of space.

On the left, grid fins are deployed on the Falcon 9 first stage as it returns back towards Earth; on the right, the nozzle of the second stage Merlin Vacuum engine glows bright as the second stage carries the satellites to the targeted orbit.

Behind the ABS-2A satellite seen above, the Eutelsat 117 West B satellite (not visible) is successfully deployed.

View of the ABS-2A satellite being successfully deployed from the Falcon 9 second stage.