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CRS-10 Mission

At 9:39:00 am ET on February 19, 2017, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, carrying the Dragon spacecraft, lifted off from Launch Complex 39A to deliver nearly 5,500 lbs of cargo and supplies to the International Space Station. This marked SpaceX’s first launch from Kennedy Space Center’s historic pad, and the first launch from LC-39A since July 8, 2011 when Atlantis lifted off for the final flight of the Shuttle Program.

Dragon was released on time from the International Space Station in the early hours of March 19th and successfully splashed down in the Pacific Ocean nearly six hours later at 7:46:30 am PT, 14:46:30 UTC.

Below are links to both the launch webcast and Dragon's departure from the Space Station, with hi res photos available on our Flickr site. You can also find more information about the mission in our press kit.